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      What are Dilation Glasses?


With the objective eye dilation is to relieve eye fatigue, nervous regulation let muscles relax, so check out the degree of refraction is more accurate. Eye dilation itself does not cause adverse effects on the patient. But after dilation can have temporary fear light and near vision blurred phenomenon (see far does not affect the normal life, still can) recovery time as a mydriatic different without a tropicamide 4---6 hours to return to normal, homatropine 3 days after atropine mydriasis lasted 2 - 3 weeks to recover, no harm to the eyes. After eye dilation can make eyes at rest, can also be used to the prevention and treatment of myopia. But attention should be paid to shielding under strong light and reducing the intake of ultraviolet light.

So we need a sunglasses after eye dilation for children to prevent the UV light,dilation glasses is easy wearing and cheaper,UV protection 100% and visal light transmittance 8-15% dark eyewear.

dilation glassesdilation glasses



     Post-mydriatic-Spectacles Slip in
  There are many types post-mydriatic spectacles which be made of UV-protection film lens,folded lens with paper temple,slip in,etc.



     Roll-up Dilation Glasses

Roll-up sunglasses are a hotest style in dilation glasses,it is easy to wear no need adjusting,and one size to fit all 7-70years old.

roll-up sunglassesroll-up dilation glassesroll-up dilation glasses


     How to customize myself glasses ?

Just contact the sales of dilation glasses company via contact web.To send us your design and printing requirement.After 7-10days,we'll creat it and show you it look like,15-20days for production time.

   Can the Dilation Glasses Be Printed with My Logo?

Yes,your logo can be printed on lens and / or paper ring,insert paper,packing box.

slip in boxdilation paper-ringroll-up dilation glassescolor shades

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